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How Catapult Works


Create your offer and submit. We will send the offer to the most suitable people based on our internal matching algorithm. Within a few minutes you can choose your favourite staff from a list of people that have applied to your job.

Job gets done

Send your brief directly to our staff. They'll know where and when to show up, what to wear, who to ask for and what they'll be doing.

Rate & Relax

Our staff submit a timesheet after each shift. In the click of a button you approve this and rate their performance. We take care of the payroll & admin.

How we're different

Low cost

Employing staff through Catapult is hardly more expensive than employing staff directly. You pay just 10% extra, but we do all the paperwork.

A Catapult member of staff working a 7 hour shift at £7.20/ hour would cost you £58.25 directly including tax & NI, or £64.07 through Catapult.

Your choice

Nobody is better placed than you to identify suitable staff. Filter based on skills, experience and see other brands staff have worked with.

Look at star ratings to ensure exceptional performance and watch videos to confirm impeccable English language skills.


No hidden fees, you pay just 10% on hours worked. You don't pay anything until you've confirmed a shift was performed to your satisfaction.

It's a true meritocracy, see how staff have been rated by other employers like you. Rate our staff when you approve timesheets.


Most of our offers are fulfilled within an hour, get quick confirmation whether it's last minute bookings or planning ahead for busy days.

Unlike traditional staffing agencies, Catapult is available to book the staff you need 24/7.

Fast, Simple & Easy

Making a booking with Catapult takes just a few minutes. If you want to re-book the same staff for another day, it takes just seconds.

See applicants to your job within minutes and immediately choose your favourite staff from the list of people that have applied to your job.

Hassle Free

We take care of Right To Work Checks, Payroll and Contracts. There's no paper work for you.

You just pay for the work done, once you've confirmed that the shift was completed and the staff satisfactory.

What our clients say

Refreshingly easy to use platform to book staff for an event. Transparency in both the staffs personality, experience and wage per hour. Things you simply can't get from a CV. Was very pleased with the friendly staff themselves and got great feedback from my client. Will definitely use you again!

- Thoko Scott, Events Manager, Mixology Events

Delighted with the service from Catapult; from the very start efficient, helpful and reliable. Staff that were provided were well suited to the job. The team at Catapult were available throughout, addressing any small hick-ups along the way and the follow-up post the event was very good. Will be using Catapult for all our large functions going forward.

- Operations Director, The Butcher and Grill

It was great to see a video of the staff before they arrived - it means I can see someones personality shining through

- Charlie, General Manager, The Exhibit, Balham

I have used Catapult several times to recruit temp staff, often with short notice, and have found them to be very helpful and efficient. I particularly like the selection process, being able to see the credentials of the candidates. I'd highly recommend using Catapult for your recruitment requirements.

- Charlotte Fraser, Maris Interiors (Corporate Coffee space)

What does Catapult stand for?

Fair employment standards

For you and for employers. That means not only do you get the chance to choose how much you earn, but you’ll never work a zero hours contract with Catapult.

Treating people with respect

Finding work is hard enough without being treated like a number. We make a huge effort to build real, human connections between you and your employers.

Freedom and flexibility

We know from experience how painful it can be to find work that fits your lifestyle. By connecting great people like you with top employers, you’ve got the freedom to live while you earn.

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