Your on-demand workforce

Catapult's trained experienced staff are ready to work at a moment's notice

Choose from a pool of highly-trained and vetted staff

Before they can apply for jobs, candidates must pass our stringent vetting
process - an online application and skills assessment with the Catapult team, where we interview people in person and verify their right to work. Once they’ve joined, ongoing training and compliance courses help develop skills as they gain experience.

How Catapult Works
Post an offer
You can do so in seconds. Simply enter the start time of the shifts you’d like to fill to notify people with the right skills and experience you need.
Browse applicants
Every Catapult candidate records a profile video so you can hand-pick the person you think best fits the role from a pool of eager applicants.
We take care of the rest
We look after payroll and right to work checks so you don’t have to. Plus our dedicated account managers are on hand, if you ever need help.
We're with you

Our account management team offers hands-on support to ensure your Catapult experience is seamless.

Catapult in numbers

Clever technology lets us provide an efficient and budget-friendly service

Minutes: Average time to fill a shift
Of shifts filled on average
Minutes: Quickest time to fulfill a shift
Post a shift any time, day or night
Experienced staff at your fingertips
Catapult lets you do more than post shifts and browse applicants.
You can also approve timesheets, favourite the staff you liked working with and block people who weren’t a good fit.
Start booking today
Experienced people with the skills you need are ready and waiting to apply.