We're on a mission to create full control over finding and offering short term jobs.

Our Story

We created Catapult because we've been on both sides of the hiring equation and know how painful it can be.

We're an ambitious team of entrepreneurs, developers and hiring specialists on a mission to build nothing less than the world's best platform to find and offer short term jobs. In a highly competitive market with new players on the rise we set out to be on the forefront of creating the future of employment. We won't stop until we've achieved this dream!

The team

Steffen Wulff Petersen

Steffen Wulff is one of the founders, he provides the level headed direction to both the company and his Rammstein tribute barber shop quartet. Loves drinking vinegar from a teacup and highly polished shoes.

Oli Johnson

Oli Johnson is one of the founders, is an excellent communicator, but only through the art of interpretive dance or email. His proudest moment is every morning when he has finished styling his hair.

Ben Dixon
Cofounder & CTO

Ben Dixon is the technical founder who’s self proclaimed highest moment was winning a look-a-like contest as a character from Lord of the Rings - though he refuses to admit which one. A cereal polygamist he has a different breakfast every day.

Pete Hykin
Business Development

Pete Hykin heads the company mime troupe. He’s efficient, ruthless and tactical. But only at connect four. Loves puppies and wearing slippers in the office. Owns a complete set of signed High school musical movies.

Jette Schaffran
Business Development

Jette makes all of her own clothes, with mixed success. Sneezes frequently. Cannot be fed after midnight and must be kept away from sunlight. Likes to sing.

James White

James is a developer. Not much else is known about this daredevil of a man, who in October of this year plans to jump the Snake River canyon in Idaho.

Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards is part of the development team. He spends his days grimacing at his screen, his lunch and the people around him. Is deeply allergic to criticism and onions. He is very proud of his collection of unusual moulds.

Matus Holec

Matus's father claimed to have invented the question mark and often accused squirrels of being lazy. This hasn't affected Matus's love for Peruvian arthouse cinema, of which his knowledge is extensive. He was lucky enough to appear as an 'indifferent dishwashing tablet' in Aiko Domingo Calvo's 2013 tour de force "When Will It Should Are Foundry's"

Dimitris Kakkavas

Dimitris is a straight shooter with middle management written all over him. He can speak 15 languages, nearly all of which he invented, including, he claims; Welsh. His proudest moment was when he completed Mario World 3 without dying.

Georgina Kennedy

Gerogina's highest claim is that she once lifted the corner of the Eiffel Tower when a Crepe seller got their apron strings trapped underneath. As a thank you the Crepe seller gave Georgina 3 magic beans which turned out to be just regular beans.

Matt Boulton

Matt learned to work well under pressure as a child when his father pushed him to be a dancer, when all he wanted to do was be a footballist. Unfortunately Matt was terrible at both footballing and dancing, and his ill-advised attempt to combine the two by dropping a fox-trot on the pitch at his local cup final was poorly received.

Rory Sadler

An excellent cook from an early age, Rory was in the 2012 semi finals for Man Sandwich (like the Great British Bake off but on the Isle of Man). Unfortunately he was disqualified after it emerged that he was liberally coating his trademark Rory's Roe & Ricotta Rarebit with legal stimulants. The episode was sadly never aired, in part due to the amount of expletives issued by the judges.

Charlie Bastier

Charlie hasn't seen his own reflection since he contracted catoptrophobia at the age of 7 after watching the last episode of Battle Star Gallactica. No-one really knows why. Favourite animal is, apparently a zucchini.

Henri Bergot

An auspicious start to his life at Catapult, Henri's interview started with "Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die" To which we replied "You had us at 'hello.'" We'd like to be clear, we didn't kill his father.

Adam Bell

Once heralded as the greatest historian alive today, Adam lost his title after it was discovered that the ancient civilisation of Roman pygmies he unearthed in Mile End was in fact a bag of abandoned costumes from a 1980's school nativity scene.

Kanisha Patel
Key Accounts

Kanisha found herself in Punxatawny, Pennsylvania on February 2nd and had to endure living the same day again and again until she one day woke to find that she was a grown up played by Tom Hanks. It was experiences like these that have made her into a strong and effective team member.

Cameron Ziafat
Key Accounts

"I have never walked on the moon and I never will. That's just not how I roll. Not my thing. So sue me." Was Cameron's answer to why he thinks he'd be a good fit in our quidditch team. He then took a small plastic microphone from a bag under the desk, held it for a second before dropping it and walking out.

Molly Vester-Hodgson

Molly is the great grand-daughter of Sir Oscar Hiddlesthorpe, they great adventurer, philanthropist and Phrenologist. Molly has very firmly followed in her great-grandfathers footsteps of adventure, though not literally - his footsteps ended abruptly in Indonesia while searching for the fountain of youth.


Laura was chased by flying monkeys after she stole some shoes, kidnapped a kind of android and thieved some farming equipment and a pet. The flying monkey's didn't catch her and she was free to unmask an individual who was swindling dozens of people with simple trickery.

Mimi Koku

Mimi left her art career behind after winning 'Best picture' at the 2002 local awards for 6 to 8 year olds with her 'What i did on my holidays - I went to the zoo. A elephant did a poo.' stating that "I really wasn't going to improve on that. I left at the top of my game." The art worlds loss, is our gain.

Deniz Kavak

Deniz spent much his youth swimming around Amity Island with a cardboard shark fin strapped to his back. His interests include stamp collecting, fossicking and investment banking merger deals.

Gabriella Margulies

Author of the book 'How to eat you own sunglasses' and 'Whence?' Gabriella is something of a literary sensation on the Pacific island of Tonga, unfortunately where she has never had the opportunity to visit. Fanatical about Fans. She's a fan fan.

Gabriel Mimuone

We were very impressed with Gabriel's approach to vintage formal-wear in his interview, The Jacobean ruff was a bold and charismatic statement. Gabriel's claim to fame is that he once sat opposite the man who played Village Peasant #3 in the first season of Game of Thrones.

Megan Kealey

Megan claims she spent much of her childhood in a magical wonderland she found in the back of a wardrobe. Where there was some kind of big dog or something and a cold lady. She also invented her own type of shoe, that is also a chair.

Georgia Doyle

Georgia found the Arc of the Covenant buried in North Africa when she fell into an old tomb filled with snakes. She can play any musical instrument as long as it's painted yellow. Fond of marshmallow.

Yasmin Desai

Yas survived for three years on Mars after a storm left her stranded with nothing more than exactly everything she needed to survive. Seemingly unaffected by the exposure to low gravity and high radiation Yas returned to a simple life of exchanging money for the teeth of sleeping children. Which is normal apparently.

Adelaide White

When asked to list her top five skills, Adelaide simply replied with "I am Batman." While it seems unlikely, we've seen no evidence to the contrary.

Callum Evans

Callum's previous roles include concierge, pianist, baker, hedge fund manager, hedge trimmer, hedge enthusiast and the Duchess of Kent. He employs skills from each role to ensure his Improv Poetry Troupe 'The Clerkenwell Petroleum Oyster Cravateers' have the best possible chance of reaching the upcoming regional finals.

Anais Chetrit

We don't know who this is.

Subeida Ahmed

Subeida joins Catapult after finishing her studies at a magical school for wizards where she was assessed by a talking hat. Proudly flies the Unseen University colours of Octarine and Infra-black. Eats Muggles for breakfast (a type of raisin filled cornflake).

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