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The Catapult app puts you in charge of the way you work. Apply today to get offers straight to your phone.

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How Catapult Works

Work WHEN you want

With Catapult you can accept or reject offers that suit your schedule. Keep things flexible by switching your profile to ‘available’ when you want to work, and ‘unavailable’ when you can’t.

Work WHERE you want

Hundreds of companies find staff through Catapult, so you won’t be short on exciting shifts in retail, hospitality or admin. So you could be working at Topshop one day and bartending in a trendy Shoreditch bar the next!

Work HOW you want

With Catapult, you’re in charge. Use the app to keep track of offers, upcoming shifts, record your hours and check your pay.

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Have one interview for countless jobs

Once you’ve joined and we’ve activated your Catapult profile, you can kiss the job hunt goodbye. Introduce yourself via a short video on your profile and employers will have everything they need to make you an offer.

Work for truly awesome companies

You know the brands, and we know they’re great to work for. That’s because all Catapult companies are verified by us and rated by other candidates like you via the Catapult app.

Be part of a new, more honest hiring system

Unlike other agencies where they put forward candidates they think might be right for the job, Catapult lets people decide when they want to work, and employers choose who they work with.

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What does Catapult stand for?

Fair employment standards

For you and for employers. That means not only do you get the chance to choose how much you earn, but you’ll never work a zero hours contract with Catapult.

Treating people with respect

Finding work is hard enough without being treated like a number. We make a huge effort to build real, human connections between you and your employers.

Freedom and flexibility

We know from experience how painful it can be to find work that fits your lifestyle. By connecting great people like you with top employers, you’ve got the freedom to live while you earn.

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